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From politics to culture to music and fashion, nothing was unnoticed in the decade that gave attention, voice and power to those who are in the core of everything: Youth. The 60s turned the world upside down. The Beatles, mini skirts, Woodstock, peace and love movement, environmental issues, sexual liberation, counter culture, revolution....
In the ages of transformation, freedom of speech and free thoughts, youngsters started to ignore standards previously established in order to go to the streets and search for their ideas, wearing in such manner that represented their lifestyle and individuality.
Affected by the echo of all these movements, a new different shop focused on an eager young public for a style with attitude and personality is born in 1976. That was the birth date of Gang. A family company founded with the important role of being more than a shop, but being a place for expression. Adjusted to the social changes of then, the brand was coming to share the same values, doubts and questionings of younger generations.
Besides, Gang has brought to Rio Grande do Sul state a new fad that few shops had adopted:  jeans. Success has come fast. Not only because of the product quality, but also because it has become a voice channel for a new kind of public.


Gang quickly generated identification with youngsters and a window of opportunities was opened. The result was a larger array of products and the opening of various shops, both in the capital city and country towns.
Still in the 80s, Gang’s presence became noticed in Porto Alegre, Pelotas (first country town in Rio Grande do Sul state to have Gang shop), Santa Maria and São Leopoldo.
Over the years, the brand pictured the opportunity to expand the business by opening authorized dealers.  Immediate Delivery brought to Gang the possibility to sail over a sea without boarders. Furthermore, the opening of virtual store in 2011 made Gang come on board the online world and offer its products on e-commerce.

#WearAttitude #WearGang

You may not believe it, but Gang is almost in its forties. Brand positioning over the last 3 decades has always reflected the idea that Gang is able to understand teenagers’ reality - a message that has become explicit with the slogan “the shop that understands you”.




The brand logo has been through some evolution by following the trend of its public. Success and maturity have been established over time and various awards have been won during its way such as Top of Mind and Marcas de Quem Decide.


In 2013, one more important event is drawn over Gang’s timeline - the brand acquisition by Grupo Lins Ferrão. This one is also a southern family company (owner of Pompéia store) and it brings a new business view for the company which resulted in a great step for brand evolution.
With complementary target public both brands keep on independent, but are now lined up with a common mindset under Grupo Lins Ferrão tutelage. This way Gang gets stronger, earns a bigger market share and is more connected to its unquiet full of ideas public.




Based on the so called Z generation features - those who were born in the mid 1990s - Gang started considering today’s young people behavior, eager for free spirit, multiple, broad-minded and known for their ability to follow up various issues at the same time. Driven by the power of social network, these youngsters who express their point of view in a creative, simultaneous-incisive manner, develop a collective consciousness which reflects over their shopping decisions. Nowadays, young people are part of groups which are not as homogeneous as before. You can be a DJ, surfer, musician and geek at the same time. Such mixed styles promoted the start up of a new era of the brand.


In this new Gang era, Like a Boss campaign came up as a co-creation project along with four ambassador-customers with different attitudes that formed Z generation representative group and emphasizing consumer’s deliberation. The new bosses not only contributed to products creation but also impressed the brand’s marketing which started to use mass media such as TV in its communication channels.
Besides the campaign there has been a slight, but meaningful change on Gang’s slogan. Bringing the motto to the consumer’s voice, we make it clearer that the customer is our target. “The shop that understands ME” becomes Gang’s campaign signature by certifying who rules.

Multi connected

This generation’s pluralism is also present in other actions, such as those shown on internal Gang TV. These are four shows filmed with the public and then advertised at shops and YouTube Gang channel: “Blowing the Top”, “Which Clothe?”, “Say What You Mean” and “Window Shop” are huge success videos and have over 1 million views on YouTube. Following multi connected youngster’s pace, the brand keeps growing on social networks. There are over 200 thousand Facebook fans and 5000 Instagram followers. Besides, Gang is on Twitter and Pinterest.

By your Side

Today, there are 39 shops in Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina states and over 150 authorized dealers. Also, e-commerce increases year by year.

Now we invite you to know our Women e Men collection, our Stores and also our Resselers.




Learn about Gang’s history, “the shop that
understands you”, since 1976!

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